Take control of your Energy Bills

Evergen’s solar power systems are curated with the help of rigorous CSIRO testing. The systems combine the best producing solar PV panels with battery technology from suppliers like Tesla.

Powered by nature, designed for your home and constantly adjusted by our unique CSIRO-developed algorithm, an Evergen system will give you control over your energy bills, your carbon footprint and your future.

Smarter Solar Technology

Smarter Pattern

Pattern recognition

Your Evergen system will learn your patterns of energy use. Once your system knows you, it can be smart about when to store your solar power and when to sell your surplus to the grid.

Smarter Weather

Weather aware

Your Evergen system pulls weather forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology. If there won’t be enough sunshine to power your household, your system will top itself up in advance with cheaper off-peak power.

Smarter CSIRO

CSIRO smarts

Energy patterns and weather forecasts are just two of the 42 data points our CSIRO developed Energy Intelligence algorithm uses. Energy Intelligence maximises the return on your investment in solar energy.

Smarter Savings

Maximum savings

Your intelligent system makes sure you’re using as much free solar energy as possible and selling your surplus energy back to the grid whenever it works for you.

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Faster payback of your investment
in solar power

Our Energy Intelligence algorithm was developed by the CSIRO. Unique to Evergen, Energy Intelligence uses 42 points of data to make minute-by-minute calculations.

These fine calculations maximise the savings on your energy bill because they adjust for factors like the weather, your usage and your tariffs.

Our solar hardware is proven to cut our customers’ energy bills by an average of 75.7%. Energy Intelligence is proven to deliver an average additional 26.4% saving.

The power in your hands

Many customers tell us they’re surprised by just how much they love tracking savings and performance on the Evergen app.

You can see exactly how far your own energy production is taking you off the grid. You’ll see the smart decisions your system is making and how they’re saving you money. Plus we’ll give you a running total of your estimated quarterly savings.

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Evergen was a no brainer for us.

“I did a little bit of due diligence with a guy that did solar farms, initially, and I got a level of comfort around the quality of Evergen.”

— Teresa

Want to save on average 75.7% on your energy bills?

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