Evergen software enables smarter energy.

Evergen Intelligent Control optimises solar and battery system performance, enabling homeowners to take control of their energy costs and impact on the environment.


Our software also enables smarter energy by orchestrating large fleets of batteries to enable Virtual Power Plants. This ensures a resilient and decentralised energy system of the future and drives benefits for consumers, businesses, network operators and utilities.

Save more and earn money from your home battery by being part of a Virtual Power Plant

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are changing the future of energy. As the uptake of solar and home batteries increase globally, VPPs are providing a cloud-based bridge between renewables and the grid, enabling better demand management and lower electricity prices.

Our mission is
to kill a coal-fired power
station in 10+ countries by
powering the transition to a
resilient, renewable,
decentralised energy
system of the future.

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Evergen Intelligent Control software provides a platform where you can optimise your solar and battery energy resources through power trading and distribution, peak demand avoidance, demand response, and grid stabilisation management services. Our systems can support trading functions for risk profile management, asset dispatching and financial transactions as a Virtual Power Plant operator.