Active Management Service

With most solar and battery installations, if something goes wrong you have the burden of identifying the problem and finding someone to fix it. Evergen is different. 

We take responsibility for your whole system, not just a component. Our energy experts will monitor and actively rectify issues so you don’t have to. We’re here for the long term to deliver return on your investment. That’s why all Evergen systems come with our ongoing active management service for just $5 per month.


Our team of Evergen Analysts will manage your system performance, including:

performance Analysis

Panels in need of a clean? Neighbours tree growth casting shade? We'll let you know about that with our analysis of system output against your design forecast and historical performance.

system diagnostics

Knowledge on the configuration and optimisation your system needs to improve output based on our performance analysis

energy bill assessment

Assessment of system performance against your power bill to confirm your retailer is charging you correctly and your meter and feed-in tariff is set up correctly.

house load review

Personalised suggestions on load operation sequence and timing (such as pool pumps and appliances) can push your savings even higher

savings analysis

In depth personalised savings analysis based on your energy usage and electricity bill over time. Our Energy experts will worry about your power bill so you don't have to.

system capacity evaluation

We've designed your Evergen system to be the perfect fit for your home and family. But we know that life doesn't stand still. Over time your energy use may change. If it would mean more savings for you, we'll suggest a change to your system set up together with an investment return projection. 

Evergen will take care of your energy today, and tomorrow.

Whatever tomorrow may bring.

“Feeling connected in regional areas cannot be underestimated.
You don’t get that type of connection from any other provider or any other business. You just feel really connected… it just is a warm feeling"
Evergen customer Christine