Simon and Sonia: The app, environment and savings

For Simon and Sonia, installing an Evergen solar & battery system in their Castle Cove home was always a no-brainer, but they each had their own unique motivations.

“Environmentally, we wanted to do something to reduce our carbon footprint.” Says Sonia. That’s why when it came to her favourite feature of the system, the Energy Intelligence system was her favourite.

“(The app) has made us more aware because you can see what’s happening, so it has modified our behaviour. We would be conscious that it’s worthwhile to run things at a different time.”

“Initially, it took a while for (the algorithm) to have an impact, and I wanted to make sure it was following a pattern that gave us a good outcome… I log on to verify that it’s doing what I hoped it was doing. And that is, things like charging the battery on off-peak, and making sure that the charge is such that it covers the peak electricity time – so that even if we are using the electricity, we’re mainly using off-peak electricity.”

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“And now…I just like to look at the actual graph because that gives me a picture. I can understand (that) a lot better. I can understand when I’m off the grid and on the grid, and I can understand when it’s charging and whether it’s charging at the optimal time as well.”

“There was a time when I was sceptical and, probably, almost hoping that it was going to achieve what I hoped it would achieve. And (now) I can say it has achieved that.”

As for Simon, his motivations were a little more pragmatic.

“We were keen to go with solar because ostensibly it’s good for the environment, but it’s also motivated by cost savings.” replied Simon.

“I did a little bit of due diligence with a guy that did solar farms, initially, and I got a level of comfort around the quality of the installation (with Evergen)…and I was comfortable with each of the components that were installed.”

“The alternative system we were looking at didn’t have the battery or the software that Evergen comes with, and we just got stuffed around – it was the typical process of overseas people quoting, so it completely stuffed us around.”

“My wife was highly motivated to install…so once we made up our mind that we were happy with the more expensive installation… we were just happy to commit and get on with it.”

Now one year on since the installation, both Simon and Sonia are pleased with the benefits. Their average quarterly savings are over $400.

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“We had realistic expectations because we knew it wasn’t going to get rid of all our electricity costs, so I think it’s achieving our expectations”, say Sonia.

“My favourite feature is the outcome – it’s the environmental impact… the outcome is that we are mainly using solar electricity for our house. And the fact that, over time, it will have a positive impact for us financially.”

“So, it’s a combination of not only are you doing the right thing, but over time, you’ll be even better off (financially).”

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