Teresa Russell: Reducing your carbon footprint

“You know how people get ‘bill shock’ when they first get their electricity (bill)? The summer of 2016/2017 was really hot – we had two bedrooms and a study with split-system air conditioning in it… we ran it all the time. Despite all of that, we got 80 percent reduction over our previous year’s electricity on our first bill after it’s been installed for a full quarter. It was amazing!”

Teresa and her family looked into switching to solar electricity in 2016, primarily to support Australia’s renewable energy industry.

“We’ve been wanting to do it for a while.. my husband and I were just getting so depressed at what the government was doing to the renewable energy industry: turning off funding and stopping them doing work on solar… so we thought we would opt out and support it individually.”

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“I’ve previously looked into the prices of solar, but we were waiting until the battery technology was good enough.”

“Then I saw (Evergen’s) battery technology, I knew that it was an Australian company and Australian smarts… when I saw that this was a neat little system that came on wheels, the size of a small fridge and fit in a garage, I thought, fantastic!”

Although it was the looks and design of the Evergen Equinox that first impressed Teresa, once the system was installed, she discovered the real power behind Evergen’s Energy Intelligence.

“The big thing for me was the algorithm… We love the algorithm and it comes from CSIRO, and we really support Australian R&D… I thought it was amazing that it learnt when you used your energy.”

“It captures your own meteorology and makes the decision about whether there was going to be more sun that day, or cloud cover, or whatever… and it would work out the cheapest and the best way to use the power that was coming off the roof and put it in the battery, or sell it to the grid, put it into the home, or all of the above…”

“When we first got it, we kept going out into the garage to see how much it was generating and how much energy our appliances were costing.”

“We’re a lot more conscious of what we’re using and when we’re using it. It hasn’t stopped us or altered our lifestyle in a bad way, it’s been good – so we love it!”

Most of all, Teresa’s diligence and optimisations are clearly working.

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“You know that bit in the electricity (bill) that tells you that you’re using approximately the same energy as (say) a four-person household? We have had that for years. Now, at our last bill, it was point-four-five of a person. Half a person. It’s amazing. We’re delighted that we get that.”

So, what does Teresa love most about the system? “It decreased your electricity costs enormously and it makes you feel fantastic because you’re doing the right thing for the environment.” —

“I know you go out of the way to say how much you would save from the system, but quite frankly, we don’t care – it’s just our way of contributing to supporting the Australian renewables industry, and saving the environment.”

“We’ve got kids we are trying to teach about how to live in this world with a smaller footprint than their parents have and their grandparents have – and it was a fantastic life-lessons to kids: install solar and a battery.”

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