Vic Walker: Fighting rising power bills

For Vic, a retiree and a fire brigade volunteer, his rising power bills was becoming a major concern when it came to managing the household budget.

“I was looking at decreasing my bills (and) minimising my expense because I am part-pensioner and part-employee… It was more of a matter of defraying future costs.”

“As you well know, money in the bank earns slightly more than nothing – and I’m better off investing that capital into something that saves me future expenses, is the way I look at it!”.

And did it work, you might ask?

“I’m very happy with the investment in the Evergen solar panels – I think that it has paid off.”

“I’m just looking at one of my last electricity bills that came up… this is from Origin Energy… and (the) couple of bar graphs at the bottom. They sorta say the average for a two-people household is about 20kW, where our house is only about 5kW, which really makes the case that with solar on the roof, our draw (on the grid) is significantly down.”

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“In the summary at the front of the bill… (under) ‘your usage summary’, (our) usage since last year has decreased by 80%. Well, you know, that’s pretty bloody good as far as I’m concerned.”

In fact, according to our data, Vic saved almost $250 in his last quarterly bill. That’s 84% off his usual quarterly bills over summer.

“Now on my bill, the largest part of my account is actually the network supply charges!”

Though the savings are definitely impressive, the major benefit for Vic’s household was the ability to use the reverse-cycle air conditioner throughout summer, guilt-free.

“My wife unfortunately doesn’t have perspiration glands, so she can’t cope with the heat at all. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why we got solar panels.”

“When solar panels first came in, I put a two-kilowatt system on the roof, thinking that would cover it.”

“I get email letters from CSIRO. One of those linked to the Evergen, being an offshoot of CSIRO, so I looked at additional solar panels to totally offset the power usage of the air conditioner, plus the battery storage there to cover our night-time usage. It certainly appears to work as intended.”

“Because my system was non-standard, I couldn’t install what I had originally hoped, but it was very well explained to me why that wasn’t possible.”

“In fact, everybody who came down from the original person to look at the setup and came up with the quote, through to the installers and the subsequent visits… everyone was extremely pleasant and extremely helpful. I couldn’t fault them.”

“(Before installing Evergen,) on days that were marginal to put (the air conditioning) on, she was hesitant to put it on. Now… she’ll put it on quite regularly… that maintains the quality of life… and that’s mainly due to the solar.”

“But while it’s an economical imperative, it’s a philosophical imperative there too. I see (installing Evergen offsets) not only financially, I do believe some global warming (is) attributed to man’s activities”.

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“Although I’ve got no children, I want to be able to look my niece’s children and grandchildren in the eye and be able to go: ‘I haven’t crapped in the nest too badly!’”

 My experience with Evergen is that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the type of system that you’re selling.”

“The interaction with the people in the company… I’ve had very good relationships from my initial interest to the finalisation of the installation. It’s been very satisfactory dealing with everybody.”

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