How intelligent
is your energy

For so many businesses, electricity has never cost so much

Demand has increased and supply is often unreliable.

Being green and sustainable has also become a priority.

If you are in the process of auditing or upgrading your energy infrastructure, it’s never been a better time to adopt Evergen.

“Electricity prices have doubled in the last 10 years”.

Source: Australian Energy Regulator, Ausgrid Network

The business of energy

Over the last decade, the energy industry has been transformed by technological innovations that drive a more convenient, efficient and ecological infrastructure. We are seeing many businesses adopt intelligent energy technology such as Virtual Power Plants and Microgrids. They are taking action now, with a longer and a broader view of investments and strategic decisions about energy. They are looking for business transformation opportunities in the way their business manages, procures and uses energy.

There is no one size fits all for commercial projects

Businesses are increasingly adopting solar &
batteries as new technologies are bringing the
cost of hardware down. They are looking for:

  • Holistic energy
  • Integration with their Building Management System
  • Optimisation of their consumption

What are the key drivers for investment
in an Evergen energy system?

  • Cost control
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Investment for the future
  • Revenue opportunities from VPPs
  • Demand response – risk mitigation
  • Technology will deliver a strong ROI
  • Government subsidies

Site modelling and analysis example


What is the payback and ROI?


6.7 year packback, 14.8% ROI, $400K gov subsidy

Energy saving solutions for residential and commercial buildings using solar power and batteries. Our team consists of experienced installers throughout Australia that are ready to work with you.

Evergen systems are hardware agnostic

Powerful real time communication capability

Intelligent management of battery charging and discharging cycle

Remote battery monitoring

Remote invertor control of AC frequency and voltage