The concept of a shared community battery
is gaining momentum.

What is a community battery?

Community batteries are a new concept in Australia. They offer homeowners a battery solution
that allows them to use all the clean energy they generate, save on their electricity bills, and
get more value from their solar investment. All without needing to own and maintain their own
battery system.

How can we install a community battery?

Community batteries are still being tested in Australia. Homeowners must have solar panels on
their roof to participate. With over 2.5 million homes with rooftop solar in Australia, it won’t take
long for this concept to take off. And with Evergen’s Intelligent Control software controlling your
community battery, you will save even more.

Do you represent an organisation interested in a community

Regulations are quite prohibitive and are currently preventing many community batteries from
being implemented. However, these regulations are tipped to change fast.

If you are interested in leading in a community battery project in your area, let us know about your
project and we’ll keep you up to date.

Discuss your project to bring your community battery to life.