Customer stories

Below are just some of the fantastic testimonials from our happy customers and referrers.

Had great service and support since I became an Evergen early adopter. The battery system and extra panels have transformed our solar experience. The Evergen app is brilliant, keeping us well informed of our usage and the way the system optimises our usage. We especially like the system’s weather prediction algorithm which will often top-up our battery on off-peak rate when the next day is not sunny enough. Our quarterly bills are now in the tens, not hundreds of dollars.


Retired, ACT

Evergen has been very supportive in helping us achieve our solar energy goals. Comprehensive assessment of our needs, professional installation team and wonderful ongoing service.


HR Professional, NSW

Just fantastic end to end service.


Government Administrator, QLD

Excellent service, excellent system, excellent results from the intelligent system which appears to learn and improve with time. You can’t get the same results from a standalone solar array with battery. You need Evergen’s technology.


Medical Practitioner, ACT

Responsive and in tune with customers. That’s the thing that comes to mind. They want to make a difference for future generations as much as we do.


Naturopath, VIC

We love the savings we are making and knowing that in the evening we are using our own generated electricity from the batteries.


School Teacher, NSW

The product is genuine, the people handling and dealing with you are genuine and nothing is too much trouble.


Civil Engineer, VIC

Exceptional service throughout, from communication to full installation and support. Highly professional throughout the process.


High School Educator, TAS

Phone app makes it very easy to see what is happening with the system and even I could use it!


Retired, SA

Great service, a reliable system using the latest CSIRO technology and significant savings on our quarterly electricity bill.


Financial Services, ACT

I think that the product is great, that the service has been attentive and that the overall experience has exceeded my expectations.


Real Estate, NSW

Great system, great technology, smart interface to power network (as opposed to other dumb solar installations), like the interface with CSIRO, great credibility.


Management Consultant, VIC

Since installation, our system has allowed us to manage our power usage and achieve the lowest possible price for the power we consume. Allowing us to ‘time shift’ the solar power we generate and purchase power at the lowest possible rate.


Accountant, ACT

Evergen service, product and overall packages are outstanding. As a person who has used solar power since 1983 you are delivering what I dreamed might be possible.


Researcher, NSW

Support from Evergen personnel was fantastic. Our system has saved us 75-80% off our annual energy bill. Massive savings on CO2 production by our household.


Builder, SA

There is a complete clarity on how the system is generating and using power. The system is correctly using weather forecasts, so that if there is cloud/rain ahead, the battery will recharge from the grid overnight using off-peak power.


Accountant, QLD

The whole process, from quoting and installation to monitoring and servicing were professional and seamless.


IT Consultant, NSW

Good long term investment, and excellent for the environment.


Surveyor, QLD

The system is extremely clever. Ability to monitor at any time of the day or night anywhere in the world. Calculates best time to use grid electricity when required. People with normal batteries do not save as much as we do as they don’t have the ability to monitor usage and weather to maximize batteries. Just not as clever!


Business Manager, NSW