Evergen Equinox

Modular solar battery system


With more recent electricity price rises, the return on system investment is stacking up today, with payback periods as low as 5-7 years.

Backup power

Protect your home from power outages with backup power provided by your home’s own battery storage.


With Evergen, you’re in control of how your energy is sourced and what you do with it.

All-in-one construction, modular design

Highest quality solar battery with an Evergen heart

Fully integrated

Evergen Equinox comes in a self-contained enclosure, with direct connectivity, giving you a simple, modern solution for your home. The system includes the latest lithium-ion battery from Alpha ESS with Evergen’s own gateway, giving you everything you need in one self-contained unit. That means you get full integration with solar power and Energy Intelligence developed by CSIRO that learns your energy needs, constantly switching your energy source between solar, battery and grid to save you the maximum amount on your energy bill. Active management by Evergen means that energy experts are monitoring your system daily, rectifying any problems that arise to give you peace of mind. Finally, CSIRO scientists periodically analyse and update your system’s Energy Intelligence to make sure you’ve got the latest in energy innovations.

Modular storage capacity

Evergen Equinox has a modular design meaning you can simply add storage modules together to create the perfect sized system for your home. After it’s installed, if your needs change in the future and you need more storage, you can simply add modules to your existing system.

Equinox modules are compact providing for easy installation in tight places like the garage or the side of the house.

Flexible connectivity

Evergen, equinox, solar battery, DC coupled, CSIRO

Evergen Equinox comes equipped with an integrated hybrid inverter. For those installing solar and batteries, that means Equinox can be installed in a DC coupled configuration directly connecting the solar panels and battery without the need for a separate inverter. For those installing a battery to an existing solar installation, Equinox can also be installed in an AC coupled configuration, which means there is no need to touch your existing solar.

Because of Equinox’s integrated hybrid inverter, you can simply connect the system to your home using the configuration that is most suitable for you. Evergen experts will guide you through the process to determine the type of installation that will best suit your needs.

10 Year Warranty

Evergen Equinox solar battery comes with a 10 year warranty. The warranty guarantees that at the end of 10 years, your solar battery will have at least 80% of its usable capacity left. What’s even better is that with active management by Evergen, you have experts monitoring your system, ensuring that the cycling of your battery stays within the warranty conditions, giving you peace of mind.

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Evergen Equinox supported applications

Backup power

Equinox comes fully equipped with backup power capability, meaning that in the event of a blackout, you can access power from your system to supply your home. Typically, when Equinox is installed you have the chance to nominate two dedicated circuits in your home to receive power in a blackout. That means you can continue to run your most important appliances without disruption regardless of any problems with the grid outside.

Store excess solar power

Evergen Equinox is designed to store excess, unutilised solar production in the battery for use at a later time like in the evening. What’s even better is that with integration with Evergen, advanced Energy Intelligence developed by CSIRO saves that stored energy for when it’s most valuable to you, increasing your savings.

Optimisation with Energy Intelligence

Energy Intelligence developed by CSIRO transforms your solar battery into an intelligent energy system. It learns your usage patterns and forecasts solar production based on the weather. It then plans the optimal use of solar, battery and grid to save you the most money and protect the asset life of your battery. Evergen clients have experienced 20% higher savings with Energy Intelligence activated.

Evergen Equinox features and specifications

Modular solar battery


Easily add modules for the perfect amount of storage.


Battery, inverter and gateway all contained in one modern unit.

Indoor or outdoor installation

Weather-resistant for indoor or outdoor installation.

General specifications

Nominal capacity


Usable capacity


Depth of discharge



90% round trip


5kW output 6kW input


10 years – to 80% usable capacity


10.3kWh modules

Operating temperature

-10°C to 50°C


610 (w) x 250(d) x 600mm (h) control module

610 (w) x 250(d) x 750mm (h)  per battery module


150 kG (10.3 kWh configuration)


Floor or wall mounted. Indoor or outdoor.

Performance specifications

AC Voltage (Nominal)

220 V

Feed-In type

Single & Split-Phase

Grid Frequency

50 Hz

Real Power, max continuous

5.8 kVA (charge and discharge)

Real Power, peak (10s)

7.2 kVA (discharge only)

Imbalance for Single-Phase Loads:


Power Factor Output Range

+/- 1.0 adjustable

Power Factor (full-rated power)

+/- 0.85

Depth of Discharge


Internal Battery DC Voltage

50 V

Round Trip Efficiency


Environmental specifications

Operating Temperature

-30°C to 60°C

Operating Humidity

0 – 90%


Indoor and outdoor rated

Ingress Rating

IP67 (Battery & Power Electronics)
IP56 (Wiring)

Gateway specifications


3G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet

User interface

Evergen App


Evergen cloud

Optimisation software

Energy Intelligence developed by CSIRO

-10°C to 50°C

Storage Temperature

Equinox frequently asked questions


Can Equinox supply my home with power in the case of a blackout?

Yes, Equinox is designed to power your home in the case of a blackout. Typically, you will have the opportunity to nominate two circuits in your home that can receive power in the event of a blackout so that your most important appliances can continue to be used unaffected.

Do I need additional hardware?

With Evergen’s fully integrated system, all required hardware is included and contained in the standard installed price. Evergen Equinox is a fully contained unit including battery, hybrid inverter and gateway device so there is no additional hardware required in most cases.

Sometimes after analysing your home, Evergen may recommend additional hardware to optimise your system in certain circumstances. For example, for homes with roof shading issues, Evergen may recommend the addition of micro inverters to enable your solar system to perform better in partial shade. If additional hardware is recommended, Evergen will always discuss with you first as part of the design process before you make any commitment to buy.

What does the warranty cover?

Equinox includes a 10 year limited warranty.

The limited warranty covers defects in parts and workmanship, guaranteeing at least 80% usable capacity at the end of 10 years. With active management of your system by Evergen, you have energy experts monitoring your system, ensuring that the usage of your battery stays withing the warranty conditions to give you peace of mind.

Can Equinox be used off-grid?

All Evergen systems connect to the grid in order to best optimise between solar, battery and the grid.  Surplus solar from your Evergen system can be sold back to the grid.

Does Equinox operate appropriately in Australian conditions?

Australia has the perfect environment for solar battery operations including Evergen Equinox. With high levels of solar irradiance and high electricity tariffs, installing a solar battery system can be a cheaper way to supply your home with power and uses clean, renewable energy.

Inverter / additional hardware

Which solar inverters are compatible with Equinox?

Evergen Equinox includes a hybrid inverter meaning it can be connected in an AC or DC configuration. What that means is for installations including solar and battery, there is no need for an additional solar inverter. For installations where the battery is being added to an existing solar installation, the system can be connected in an AC coupled configuration and will be compatible with any type of solar inverter you have.

What hardware do I need to install Equinox with an existing solar installation?

No additional major components are needed to install Equinox with an existing solar installation.

If I am adding a new solar system to my home, do I need additional hardware with Equinox?

Because Equinox comes equipped with a hybrid inverter and gateway included, there is no need to install additional hardware to be able to add a new solar system.

Can I AC couple Equinox to an existing solar installation?

Yes. The hybrid inverter included with Equinox allows you to AC couple the system to an existing solar installation.


Does Equinox have adequate technology inbuilt to protect the batteries from overcharging?

Yes. Equinox includes an advanced battery management system that monitors the operation of the batteries and prevents overcharging.

Is Equinox safe?

The battery unit has been accredited by the Australian Clean Energy Council, which stipulates minimum safety performance standards. The battery chemistry is lithium iron phosphate which is one of the most stable lithium ion technologies.

Usage and maintenance

How long will Equinox last?

Equinox includes a 10 year warranty that guarantees a usable capacity of 80% at the end of 10 years. Evergen’s advanced Energy Intelligence developed by CSIRO is designed to operate the battery with the minimum impact to maximise its useful life.

Do I need solar panels to operate Equinox?

Equinox is designed to use power from either solar panels or the grid.
While it is technically possible to use Equinox without solar power, Evergen recommends pairing battery storage with solar power to get the best economic outcome. Evergen’s advanced Energy Intelligence developed by CSIRO is specifically designed to integrate solar, battery storage and the grid to maximise savings.

Can I add more capacity to Equinox?

Yes. The modular design of Equinox means you can add more storage capacity as you need. The battery modules come in 10.3kWh units.

What do I do if something goes wrong with the system?

Evergen provides active management of its intelligent energy systems to ensure they are performing optimally. Every day, our energy experts review installed systems checking that they are performing optimally. If a problem is identified, Evergen will proactively rectify it to give you peace of mind.

Evergen in the press

Ascot Green, Mirvac, Evergen, CSIRO, solar batteries

Mirvac Trials Evergen Solar Upgrade at Ascot Green Apartments

The Urban Developer, 16 October 2017

Mirvac has announced a partnership with clean energy provider, Evergen, to bring an innovative solar offer to future residents of Ascot Green, the $950 million joint development with the Brisbane Racing Club at the Eagle Farm Racecourse.

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Don’t miss savings

Every day you don’t have an intelligent energy system installed you are missing out on savings. Evergen system owner Greg Maclean saved $1,800 in the first year of operation.

Solar subsidies phasing out

With 1.5 million solar systems already installed around the country, Federal solar subsidies scheme are gradually being wound back.

Big fall in prices

The last few years have seen a massive fall in battery prices to the point that they now make financial sense to put in the home.

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