Will the system allow me to go off grid?

Evergen’s systems are grid connected, which means that they are able to draw energy from the grid or export energy to the grid when it makes sense to do so. Generally this configuration is the most economical as it allows the maximum optionality for Evergen to save you money. Although Evergen systems are connected to the grid, owners typically experience extended periods of time where their system supplies all of their home’s energy needs without requiring energy from the grid. With the Evergen App it is possible to track the percentage of time that you have spent “off-grid”.

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How long does the battery last?

The Evergen Intelligent Energy System has a 5-year total system warranty and a 7-year battery performance warranty. The Energy Intelligence developed by CSIRO is designed specifically to maximise the useful life of the battery far beyond the warranty period.

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Can the batteries be housed outdoors?

Evergen offers different types of batteries – some can be located outdoors or indoors, while some are suitable for indoor use only. As part of your system design, Evergen staff will discuss with you the most suitable location for your battery and provide you with the best options for your home.

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What is the CSIRO-developed Energy Intelligence?

The Energy Intelligence determines how much energy is sent where between your solar panels, battery, home and grid. Developed by CSIRO, it represents the next generation in energy technology, constantly learning and forecasting your energy needs, solar production and battery characteristics to save you the maximum amount of money for the longest period of time. The Energy Intelligence operates every few minutes, every day, year after year. For more detail, go here.

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Is the CSIRO-developed Energy Intelligence required for the system to work?

No. Batteries and inverters are generally designed to operate in a basic mode where the battery is charged when there is an energy surplus and discharged when there is an energy deficit. CSIRO designed the Evergen Energy Intelligence to override this basic operational mode to add significant amounts of savings from the system’s operation and to extend the useful life of the battery. The Evergen system has been designed so that if for whatever reason the Energy Intelligence was switched off, the batteries and solar panels can still work.

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