Will I need to change my electricity meter?

Maybe. For the Evergen Intelligent Energy System to to interact with the grid, you need what’s called a smart meter with the ability to measure the amount of energy imported from and exported to the grid at different times of day. There are many different types of electricity meters installed today and Evergen can help you determine what kind you have and whether or not it needs to be changed.

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Do I need to change my current electricity tariff?

No. One of the benefits of Evergen is that it is designed to work with any electricity tariff and can adapt if tariffs change in the future. However, the amount of savings that Evergen can generate will be different depending on what tariff structure you are on and the energy characteristics of your home. Once your system is installed and operating for a reasonable length of time (around 3 months), Evergen can analyse the energy characteristics of your home and recommend a tariff structure that will give you the most savings. The Evergen system will work regardless of which energy retailer you choose, meaning you are free to choose any retailer that can provide you the best deal.

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What kinds or electricity tariffs are there and which work best with Evergen?

Electricity tariffs are determined by your electricity retailer. While they come in a variety of different kinds, there are 2 components that are particularly important to your Evergen system:

#1 Time structure – some tariffs are designed so that you pay the same rate per unit of electricity regardless of the time of day. These are called ‘flat rate tariffs’. Other tariffs are designed so that you pay a different rate per unit of electricity depending on what time of day or day of the week it is. These are called ‘time of use tariffs’. Time of use tariffs may have periods of high prices (‘peak’), medium prices (‘shoulder’) and low prices (‘off peak’). Because Evergen has the ability to store energy, with a time of use tariff, it is able to lower your average price of energy by charging the battery during off peak times so that you can use the cheap energy during peak times. A time of use tariff gives Evergen more options to save you money, so it is generally the preferred type of tariff structure to go with your system.

#2 Feed in – the Feed in is the component of your tariff that allows you to get paid for the energy you export (or feed in) to the grid. Evergen will almost always recommend having a feed in component as part of your electricity tariff so that the surplus energy you send to the grid is not wasted.

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