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I already have solar panels. Can I just get the intelligent battery storage system?

Yes, adding an integrated battery unit to your existing solar installation is possible. We will typically couple a new battery unit to the AC side of your electricity meter box without touching your existing solar installation. You can find an installation diagram here. By connecting the battery in that way you can preserve any warranties you have with your existing solar installation.

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Why has Lithium-ion technology been chosen for the battery type?

Lithium-ion batteries are small, light and can be quickly charged or discharged. They also have a longer lifespan than other competing technologies.

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Will seasonality affect the performance of my system?

In summer, when the sun is stronger and the days are longer, your solar panels will produce more electricity than in winter, so you can expect better performance. If there is not enough solar power to charge your battery enough to meet your needs, Evergen can top it up with cheap off peak power from the grid, allowing you to save money all year round.

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