Getting started

How do I purchase the Evergen Intelligent Energy System?

It’s simple. Register your interest here. We will then assess your energy situation and recommend the best system for you and provide a quote. Should you go ahead, we manage the full installation process keeping you informed the entire time.

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How long will the installation take?

Installation involves 3 steps:

#1 Site inspection: before you commit to an installation, Evergen organises a site inspection to make sure that there are no surprises that might add additional costs to your installation. The site inspection usually takes less than an hour.

#2 Request Permission To Connect (PTC) to the network: before your system can be activated, you need to be provided with a Permission To Connect from the owner of your local electricity network. Evergen will facilitate the PTC application on your behalf. Depending on the network owner in your area, the PTC process can take between 2 – 65 days.

#3 Installation: once you receive your PTC, your installation can commence. Installation usually takes one day.

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Will the battery power my entire home?

Your battery will power your home for periods of time. Typically, the most cost effective way to power your home is with a mix of solar, battery and the grid, so to minimise your costs, it is normal to see the energy source switch throughout the day

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Can I get a government rebate?

Government rebates are available. Our quoted price will include any available rebates in your area. In particular, the STC, or Small-Scale Technology Certificate, which is an upfront rebate on the purchase of solar panels, is taken care of for you by Evergen.

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What is included with the Evergen energy system?

Our system includes solar panels, integrated battery storage, inverter and energy management system, internet and grid connections, and full installation.

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Is there an option to sell energy to the grid?

Yes. Any energy produced by your solar panels that is not needed to power your home or charge the batteries can be exported (or sold) to the grid. Your electricity retailer will be able to provide you with the specific amount that you receive for grid exports, known as your Feed-in Tariff.

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