We are facing an energy crisis.

For so many homeowners, electricity has never cost so much.
Use has increased and supply is often unreliable.
Being green and sustainable has also become a priority.

Evergen can protect you from the rising prices of electricity whilst offering a sense of control and a sustainable solution you can trust.

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How can we save an additional 26.4% on average off our electricity bills?

It’s simple. Your solar and battery system are connected to Evergen’s software. This energy intelligence uses up-to-the minute data to make sure your home’s solar and battery system performance is optimised every minute, every day, saving you an additional 26.4% on average off your electricity bills.

Connected with the grid, you can then store solar power for when it’s needed and provide a cleaner and more reliable electricity system.

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You will never need to worry that your system is not being optimised.

Intelligence data like how much you are saving and solar generation is available through the app with daily monitoring by Evergen engineers to:

  • Save even more from your solar generation
  • Store and resell excess energy generated by your solar panels
  • Use your solar energy even when the sun goes down
  • Keep the power on even during a blackout with backup power

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Evergen offers optimisation of solar battery software to allow residents the ability to seek protection from the rising energy prices.