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We are a proud Australian owned
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Evergen has worked to find definitive answers to the big questions around optimising solar and battery storage for the home and commercial environment.

  1. Which solar panels and batteries have proven themselves?
  2. Which solar panels and batteries will deliver for you long into the future?
  3. How can you be smart about putting hardware together to maximise your savings?

Complete Packages

We have put together complete packages (panels + batteries + CSIRO technology). Each component maximises the performance of the others.

CSIRO Intelligent Algorithms

Unique to Evergen, your system is connected to a CSRIO developed algorithm. This energy intelligence uses up-to-the minute data to make sure your system’s performance is always optimised.

Always With You

You’ll never worry that your Evergen system is not working. Our experts remotely monitor your system every day to be certain your system is operating as expected.

Smarter solar technology

Pattern recognition

Your Evergen system will learn your patterns of energy use. Once your system knows you, it can be smart about when to store your solar power and when to sell your surplus to the grid.

Weather aware

Your Evergen system pulls weather forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology. If there’s not enough sunshine to power your household, your system will top itself up in advance with cheaper off-peak power.

Maximum savings

Your intelligent system makes sure you’re using as much free solar energy as possible and selling your surplus energy back to the grid whenever it works for you.

CSIRO Intelligent Algorithms

Energy patterns and weather forecasts are just two of the 42 data points our CSIRO-developed intelligence uses. 

Customer app

The best batteries

To make things easy for our customers, Evergen provides a total solution — hardware, installation, optimisation and daily remote monitoring.

Tesla Powerwall

Alpha ESS

We are ready for what’s next

Solar energy is a long-term investment, so you want your system to be ready for how Australia’s energy market might evolve in the near future. Among the exciting developments we’re anticipating are:

  1. Virtual power stations — where your battery might be interconnected with others to deliver even greater energy stability and savings
  2. Peer-to-peer energy markets — where you can sell energy to other battery owners or buy energy from them if you need it

With an Evergen system, you’ll never be left behind because you’re already prepared for what’s next.

We are proud of our Australian Awards

Your Evergen system can incorporate the Tesla Powerwall. Tesla is a dominant force in advanced home battery technology. The CSIRO was extremely impressed with the Powerwall which packs more storage capacity than its predecessor. 

Tesla guarantees that at the end of 10 years, your solar battery will have at least 70% of its usable capacity left. 

The Evergen Equinox solar and battery system incorporates the latest lithium-ion battery from Alpha-ESS, a respected global energy service provider. The Alpha ESS performed exceptionally in the CSIRO’s rigorous testing. 

 For Evergen customers, Alpha-ESS guarantees that after 10 years, your solar battery will have at least 80% of its usable capacity left.