Even the best
solar hardware works
on average 26.4% better with

Why Evergen?

Evergen systems are optimised to ensure you’re saving as much as possible for the lifetime of your system with three easy steps. With packages to suit every budget and low-interest monthly finance available, it’s easier than ever to take control of your energy.


Forecast weather conditions, solar generation and predicted usage


Optimise system for cost savings, system life and feed-in tariffs


System health is monitored via your Evergen App and Portal

How battery energy storage works

Adding battery storage to your home solar helps you to save even more off your electricity bills. 


  • Save even more from your solar generation
  • Store excess energy generated by your solar panels
  • Use your solar energy even when the sun goes down
  • Keep the power on even during a blackout with backup power

Typical day with solar battery system


Evergen’s packages all include CSIRO energy intelligence.

OPTION 1 – I need a complete

Solar + battery + CSIRO technology

OPTION 2 – I have solar but may
need extra panels to
charge a battery

Battery + (extra solar) + CSIRO technology

OPTION 3 – I have adequate solar

Battery only +  CSIRO technology

Confidence in the systems we install and the brands we work with


10 year warranty


25 year warranty


25 year warranty


10 year warranty


10 year warranty


10 year warranty

Evergen’s three pillars of confidence

Integrated hardware

Solar panels turn sunlight into free electricity for your home. The battery stores power from the solar panels and the grid.

Energy Intelligence

Your CSIRO algorithm learns your energy patterns and constantly recalibrates your system in response to data like weather forecasts and electricity tariffs.

Active management

Regular analysis and upgrades by CSIRO scientists. Daily monitoring and rectifications by Evergen engineers.

Australians can enjoy a clean energy future

  1. Energy Intelligence Solar power will reduce Co2 emissions into the atmosphere
  2. Contribute to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target Help ensure that Australia achieves its target of 20% of electricity coming from renewable sources by 2020
  3. Limit the effects of climate change Solar energy is renewable, sustainable and efficient, helping secure a clean energy future for now and future generations

Industry leading solar panels and batteries paired with intelligent energy management software to optimise your energy usage.

Install your own Evergen system today. Available in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Newcastle, Hobart and other major cities throughout Australia.