Evergen helps your customers find the fastest payback on their solar and battery system.

Evergen Intelligent Control software optimises solar and batteries
to save homeowners an additional 26.4% on average off their electricity bills.
That’s a big incentive for customers to choose your system.

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Evergen, formed in collaboration with CSIRO Energy, have found the answers to the big questions around optimising solar and battery storage for homeowners. We designed Intelligent Control software to do just that.

Optimised to save an additional 26.4% on average off electricity bills. Homeowners will never need to worry that their system is not working.


Will it be sunny or cloudy here later today? What about tomorrow?

Predicts future solar generation of the system for each home


How much will power from the grid cost them right now? Will the price go up or down later today?

Determines when their stored power will deliver greatest savings to their energy bill


What day is it? What power is the family likely to need this evening?

Machine learning understands how they use power in their home for different days of the week


Monitors conditions and operates to extend life of the battery

Zero Hardware. 100% Support.
We make it easy.

No hardware. No need to buy any additional expensive hardware, complete additional works or change your Workflows.

  • Evergen provides customer onboarding and first line customer support, keeping you free to do what you do best
  • Optional Evergen Fleet Manager software to monitor your entire fleet in a single web portal (coming soon)
  • Premium range of integrated products to offer your customers including Tesla, Alpha ESS and more coming in 2020

Some of the products Evergen integrates with…

Evergen Intelligent Control benefits

  1. Save even more from their solar generation
  2. Store and resell excess energy generated by their solar panels
  3. Use their solar energy even when the sun goes down
  4. Keep the power on even during a blackout with backup power

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