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Evergen intelligent control

Smart Monitoring, Control and Optimisation Without Any Additional Hardware to Buy or Install

No Hardware

Evergen Intelligent Control lives in the cloud, you never need to purchase or install any additional hardware. The way it should be.

Smart Optimisation

Customers save an additional 26.4% on average, thanks to our exclusive, CSIRO developed algorithm, optimising based on the weather, customer tariff, battery SOC and much more.

24/7 Monitoring

Evergen connected systems utilise smart monitoring and alerts, so when there is a problem, we’re on it in a flash.

Offer your customers the best

Pattern recognition

Your customer’s Evergen system will learn your patterns of energy use. Once the system knows their usage, it can be smart about when to store their solar power and when to sell surplus to the grid.

Weather aware

Evergen systems pull weather forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology. If there’s not enough sunshine to power your customers household, the system will top itself up in advance with cheaper off-peak power.

Maximum savings

The intelligent system makes sure customers are using as much free solar energy as possible and selling surplus energy back to the grid whenever it make the most financial benefit.

CSIRO Intelligent Algorithms

Energy patterns and weather forecasts are just two of the 42 data points our CSIRO-developed intelligence uses.

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