We are on a mission to kill 10 coal fired power stations by 2023. We’d love to have your support by becoming an Evergen Authorised Partner. And we make it super easy for you.

Opportunity for Evergen Authorised Partners 

Evergen is seeking partners who sell and install batteries, or wish to commence selling batteries to their solar customers. Partners benefit from Evergen doing monitoring and support for them, and consumers benefit from Evergen apps, support and optimisation. These benefits are free for life for the consumer and the installer and are effectively being funded by the utilities (DNSP’s and Retailers) that Evergen is engaged by. 

Evergen’s objective is to create long term alignment with you the distributor/installer partner and with the consumer. A financial incentive that lasts for the life of the battery has been developed for you, in addition to the benefits mentioned above are available for authorised partners.

No Hardware

Evergen Intelligent Control lives in the cloud, you never need to purchase or install any additional hardware. The way it should be.

24/7 Monitoring

Evergen connected systems utilise smart monitoring and alerts, so when there is a problem, we’re on it in a flash.

Offer your customers the best option for payback on their investment.

Pattern recognition

Your customer’s Evergen system will learn your patterns of energy use. Once the system knows their usage, it can be smart about when to store their solar power and when to sell surplus to the grid.

Weather aware

Evergen systems pull weather forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology. If there’s not enough sunshine to power your customers household, the system will top itself up in advance with cheaper off-peak power.

Maximum savings

The intelligent system makes sure customers are using as much free solar energy as possible and selling surplus energy back to the grid whenever it make the most financial benefit.

System health

Monitors conditions and operates to extend life of the battery to optimise a customer’s return on investment.

Customer app that’s easy to use.

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Offer your customers the best cloud monitoring and optimisation.