Queensland Rebate Scheme


Scheme details

Evergen are proud to be one of a limited number of approved suppliers  under the Queensland solar battery rebate scheme.  

$3,000 subsidy

The scheme provides a $3000 government subsidy to home owners that install an eligible battery

Interest free loan

In addition to the subsidy, the government are offering an interest free loan of up to $10,000 for a full system or $6,000 for a battery only. Our Energy Advisors can answer your questions and guide you through the application process.  With the loan and the subsidy you could be enjoying an Evergen system for as little as $1,800 up front!

Don’t miss out

The scheme is limited to just 2500 homeowners. To secure your rebate you need to upload your Evergen quote to the scheme website.  As there is a limited number of rebates available we recommend doing this as soon as possible.  Simply request our price guide to get started.

.Start saving

 Evergen is the only home energy system with Energy Intelligence developed by CSIRO to to deliver an average of 80% savings on your electricity costs.

 Our system is designed to beat energy price fluctuations and take the complexity out of utilities. It constantly forecasts, analyses and optimises your energy costs, choosing the lowest-priced source – whether that’s solar, battery, or the grid. So you need never worry about electricity bills again.

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The intelligent choice

CSIRO developed intelligence

Our Energy Intelligence algorithm was developed by CSIRO to save you 20% more than other battery systems

Independently tested hardware

We only use panels and batteries that have been tested and recommended by CSIRO

Maximum Savings

Evergen customers saved an average of 80% off their electricity costs last year. That's real customers and real results.

Active management

We will proactively identify performance issues and rectify remotely.

Finance Available

Spread the cost of your investment with our low interest finance option.

Energy Intelligence developed by CSIRO


Every family uses energy differently. Evergen learns your energy use and tailors the system behaviour specifically for you.


Evergen uses weather forecast data local to your home to predict how much solar you will generate 48 hours ahead.  Together with learnings on your families energy usage patterns, your Evergen system will plan how to best use your battery.


Your Evergen system reads 42 data feeds every five minutes, constantly optimising your energy costs.  It will choose the lowest priced source - whether that's solar, battery or the grid, taking into account what's happening right now as well as the forecast for the day ahead.


Evergen customers save an average of 80% off their electricity costs. That's 20% higher than systems without CSIRO Energy Intelligence. Many customers achieve well over 100% savings, particularly in the summer months.