Australians are facing an energy crisis

For so many Australians, electricity has never cost so much. Use has increased and supply is often unreliable. Being green and sustainable has also become a priority.

We can protect you from the rising prices of electricity and offer a sense of control and a sustainable solution you can trust.

There has never been a better time to install an Evergen system.

How it works

Evergen designs and installs renewable energy systems comprising of solar power, batteries and intelligent energy management software developed in partnership with the CSIRO.

Connected with the grid, you can then store solar power for when it’s needed and provide a cleaner and more reliable electricity system.

A solar system from Evergen will slash on average 75.7% from your electricity bills!

CSIRO Intelligent Algorithms

Evergen’s “Intelligent Control” optimisation software was developed in an exclusive partnership with Australia’s leading scientific agency, the CSIRO.

Evergen combines high quality hardware & intelligent software to manage your solar panels and battery system effectively and efficiently.
We are available to provide our services in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Wollongong, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Hobart and surrounding areas.


I think that the product is great, that the service has been attentive and that the overall experience has exceeded my expectations.
— Tom, Real Estate, NSW
Great service, a reliable system using the latest CSIRO technology and significant savings on our quarterly electricity bill.
— Mason, Financial Services, ACT
Great system, great technology, smart interface to power network (as opposed to other dumb solar installations), like the interface with CSIRO, great credibility.
— Joseph, Management Consultant, VIC
Good long term investment, and excellent for the environment.
— Jake, Surveyor, QLD
The whole process, from quoting and installation to monitoring and servicing were professional and seamless.
— Kim, IT Consultant, NSW