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Solar – Battery storage – Energy Intelligence

Up to 80% savings

With more recent electricity price rises, the return on system investment is stacking up today, with payback periods as low as 5-7 years.

Backup power

Protect your home from power outages with backup power provided by your home’s own battery storage.

Control of your energy

With Evergen, you’re in control of how your energy is sourced and what you do with it.

A complete energy system

Evergen solar battery system, system diagram, solar panels, battery storage, grid supply, Energy Intelligence developed by CSIRO

1. Integrated hardware


Solar panels turn sunlight into free electricity for your home. The battery stores power from the solar panels and the grid.

2. Energy Intelligence


Learns and forecasts your energy use and solar production based on the weather. It constantly analyses your energy supply, choosing the lowest-cost source.

3. Active management

Peace of mind

Regular analysis and upgrades by CSIRO scientists. Daily monitoring and rectifications by Evergen engineers.

Integrated hardware

Highest quality options, tested by CSIRO


Solar and modular battery storage system

Customised to your home

Evergen Equinox includes modular battery storage (in 10.3 kWh modules) that can be customised to your home’s specific energy requirements and used with your solar for backup power in case of a blackout.


If your needs change in the future, Evergen Equinox is easily upgradeable so you don’t have to worry about being left behind.

Tesla, Powerwall 2, battery storage, dimensions


Solar and fixed battery storage, featuring Tesla Powerwall 2

Set and forget

Evergen Solstice includes the fantastic Tesla Powerwall 2, with a generous 13.5kWh of useable battery storage capacity, which is ample for most mid-sized homes.

Advanced backup power

Tesla Powerwall 2 has some of the most advanced backup capabilities available, automatically detecting grid outages to keep your home powered with battery and solar. Protect your home from the next power outage and keep your lights on and phones charged.

Energy intelligence

Developed by CSIRO, 20% higher savings


Every home uses energy differently. Evergen learns your energy use to tailor an energy strategy specifically for you.


Evergen uses weather data to forecast solar production 48 hours ahead. Only by forecasting can we plan how best to use your battery.


Every few minutes Evergen recalculates your energy strategy, always switching between the lowest-cost mix of solar, battery and grid.


Evergen’s customers have experienced savings 20% higher* with Energy Intelligence activated.

Active management

Energy experts delivering your return on investment

System performance responsibility

Evergen takes responsibility for your whole system, not just a component. We’re here for the long term to deliver your return on investment.

Daily monitoring and rectification

Evergen’s energy experts monitor systems daily and actively rectify issues so you don’t have to.

Analysis and upgrades by CSIRO

CSIRO scientists regularly analyse and update the system’s Energy Intelligence to make sure you get the latest innovations.

Save up to 80% on your power bills

Instant free quote for your home today

Explore CSIRO’s Renewable Energy Integration Facility

See where researchers develop and test cutting-edge energy technologies. Evergen was developed and its solar batteries are tested here. (Video courtesy CSIRO)

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