System specifications

System options

System options

Evergen Equinox

Evergen Equinox includes modular battery storage (in 10.3kWh modules) that can be customised to your requirements and easily added to in the future if your needs change.

Evergen Solstice

Including one generously sized battery capacity, Evergen Solstice integrates the fantastic Tesla Powerwall 2 with next-generation Energy Intelligence developed by CSIRO.

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How they’re connected

Equinox – without existing solar

This configuration, known as “DC coupled”, connects your solar battery system to your home circuits and the grid via your meter box.

Solstice, or Equinox – with existing solar

This configuration, known as “AC coupled”, leaves your existing solar and inverter connections untouched. The Evergen battery is connected directly into the meter box.


How much will you save?

With a few details about your home, we can simulate how much an Evergen system can save you.

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Understanding the payback

Evergen looks at the payback calculation for its first installed system and asks how might if change if electricity tariffs rise.

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Prediction and planning

How predictions and future planning are really key to getting the most out of your solar battery.

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