Solar Panel and Solar Battery

Limited rebates available

The Victorian government is giving you two options to take control of your energy bills – a solar battery rebate, or a rebate and an interest-free loan for a solar PV system. Here’s how to claim your money.

Households in Victoria can apply for a rebate for a solar battery if you live in an eligible suburb, or interest-free loans and rebates to buy a solar PV system.

Solar battery rebates

The rebates are available to people in eligible suburbs who have existing solar panels. The rebate is up to $4,838 and there are only 1,000 rebates available.

The list of eligible postcodes is:

3048 3038 3059 3064 3106 3752
3754 3212 3217 3218 3226 3228
3024 3351 3377 3467 3936 3939
3941 3942 3943 3944 3977 3978

Solar panel (PV) rebates

The assistance packages include rebates up to $2,225 plus an interest-free loan of the same amount, repayable over 4 years. It is available to homeowners and rental properties (conditions apply).


Our advisors can explain the rebates to you in the context of your specific circumstances. They’ll help you calculate your exact entitlement to a rebate and interest-free loan.

IMPORTANT: To qualify for a Victorian government rebate or interest-free loan, your system must be installed by an eligible installer.

Evergen is an eligible supplier under the Victorian government scheme for interest-free loans for solar and storage. Also, our energy advisors are qualified to explain your options and walk you through the process of receiving your rebate and applying for your loan.

The Victorian government is offering these generous grants and interest-free loan terms on a first-come-first-served basis. So now is the time to act if you’re thinking about taking control of your electricity bills or if you don’t want to spend another summer feeling guilty about running the air-conditioning.

Evergen’s bundled solar solutions are CSIRO tested and use an exclusive CSIRO algorithm to maximise your savings. We also monitor your system remotely every day, so you never have to wonder whether your system is working exactly as expected.

Our high-performing hardware, active management and intelligent algorithm mean our customers save an average of 75.7% on their electricity bills.

Ready to seize the day and take advantage of the rebate, interest-free loan, free and clean solar energy — and a 75.7% saving on your electricity bills?

Want to know more about why an Evergen is the best choice for your solar system? Read on…

CSIRO tested

Evergen’s solar power systems use only the highest performing hardware from independent CSIRO tests — components from names like Tesla and Alpha ESS.

Then we combine the winning hardware in ways that bring out the best in each component. Your Evergen complete solution is greater than the sum of its parts…

In fact, your hardware will work an average of 26.4% more effectively in an Evergen solution than it would on its own. That extra efficiency is thanks to Energy Intelligence, an algorithm developed exclusively for us by the CSIRO.

Powered by nature, designed for your home and constantly adjusted by Energy Intelligence from the CSIRO, an Evergen system will give you control over your energy bills, your carbon footprint and your future.

Faster payback of your investment in solar power

Our Energy Intelligence algorithm from the CSIRO uses 42 points of data to make minute-by-minute calculations to tune your system. These fine calculations maximise the savings on your electricity bill because they adjust for factors like the weather, your usage and your tariffs.

This is why our solar hardware is proven to cut our customers’ energy bills by an average of 75.7%. Energy Intelligence is proven to deliver an average additional 26.4% saving.


Two solar solutions

Evergen offers two complete solar solutions.

Evergen Equinox with Alpha ESS

Evergen Equinox is a complete solar solution built around battery technology from Alpha ESS, a world leader in energy.

Alpha ESS batteries are modular, so we can add as many as you need to cover your household’s needs.

Blackout coverage
In a blackout, your battery will automatically go into uninterruptible power supply (USP) mode to make sure your household’s essential systems keep running smoothly.

Evergen Equinox is engineered to be easy to upgrade so your system need never be out of step with your energy needs or developments in the technology.

Evergen Solstice with Tesla

The Evergen Solstice solution features the Tesla Powerwall 2.

Ample storage
The fantastic Tesla Powerwall 2 has a generous 13.5kWh of useable battery storage — ample for most mid-sized homes.

Advanced backup coverage
Tesla Powerwall 2 has some of the most advanced backup capabilities available, automatically detecting grid outages and going into uninterruptible power supply (USP) mode to keep your home powered.

Smarter solar technology

Pattern recognition
Your Evergen system will learn your patterns of energy use. Once your system knows you, it can be smart about when to store your solar power and when to sell your surplus to the grid.

Weather aware
Your Evergen system pulls weather forecasts from the Bureau of Meteorology. If there won’t be enough sunshine to power your household, your system will top itself up in advance with cheaper off-peak power.

CSIRO smarts
Energy patterns and weather forecasts are just two of the 42 data points our CSIRO-developed Energy Intelligence algorithm uses. Energy Intelligence maximises the return on your investment in solar energy.

Maximum savings
Your intelligent system makes sure you’re using as much free solar energy as possible and selling your surplus energy back to the grid whenever it works for you.


The power’s in your hands

Many customers tell us they’re surprised by just how much they love tracking savings and performance on the Evergen app.

You can see exactly how much your own energy production is keeping you off the grid. You’ll see the smart decisions your system is making and how they’re saving you money. Plus we’ll give you a running total of your estimated quarterly savings.

There’s never been a better time to choose solar power but you have to act quickly.

Your government is offering limited rebates up to $4,838 for a battery storage system; or a rebate up to $2,225 and an interest-free loan for a PV system to enable you to take control of your electricity bills. You could be one of recipients.


Right now, an Evergen solar system could be slashing 75.7% off your electricity bill. And your payback time could be slashed too, thanks to the government’s rebate and interest-free loan. So don’t wait any longer to take control of your electricity bill and cut your environmental footprint.

Be one of the smart homes going solar with the Victorian government’s generous assistance package.

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The intelligent choice

CSIRO developed intelligence

Our Energy Intelligence algorithm was developed by CSIRO to save you 20% more than other battery systems.

Independently tested hardware

We only use panels and batteries that have been tested and recommended by CSIRO.

Active management

We will proactively identify performance issues and rectify them remotely.

Maximum savings

Evergen customers saved an average of 80% off their electricity costs last year. That’s real customers and real results.

Finance available

Spread the cost of your investment with our low interest finance option.

Energy Intelligence developed by CSIRO


Every family uses energy differently. Evergen learns your energy use and tailors the system behaviour specifically for you.


Your Evergen system reads 42 data feeds every five minutes, constantly optimising your energy costs. It will choose the lowest priced source – whether that’s solar, battery or the grid, taking into account what’s happening right now as well as the forecast for the day ahead.


Evergen uses weather forecast data local to your home to predict how much solar you will generate 48 hours ahead. Together with learnings on your families energy usage patterns, your Evergen system will plan how to best use your battery.


Evergen customers save an average of 80% off their electricity costs. That’s 20% higher than systems without CSIRO Energy Intelligence. Many customers achieve well over 100% savings, particularly in the summer months.

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