Intelligent energy system vs power bills

Introducing Evergen's intelligent energy system. Watch how it works to save up to 80% off energy bills.

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1/14 Why solar batteries are set to change the world

Why are solar batteries getting so much attention around the world, and particularly in Australia at the moment?

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2/14 How to select a solar battery

A few key questions you should ask if you’re thinking about buying solar batteries.

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3/14 Why management of solar batteries is so important

How predictions and future planning are really key to getting the most out of your solar battery.

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4/14 What's next in home energy technology?

Where is this technology headed and what sort of things are coming down the road?

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5/14 The next innovation from Evergen might surprise you

If the hardware – that is the solar panels, battery and inverter technology - isn’t changing dramatically, then what is changing?

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6/14 How solar batteries work with different tariffs

To get the most out of your solar and battery system, what is the best type of tariff for your specific home?

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7/14 How you can increase the value of your existing solar

Change your behaviour or purchase a battery. What is the best choice to maximise the value of your solar?

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8/14 What options are there for owners of existing solar?

As feed-in tariffs reduce in value, what are the options available for owners of existing solar to get the best value.

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9/14 Once your solar battery is installed, what do you do?

The Evergen system is designed to sit there and figure out the best way to run the batteries to save your personal house the most money.

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10/14 How long do solar battery systems last?

Warranties, cycles, batteries and solar. We discuss the components of the system and how long they may last.

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11/14 How Evergen recommends a solar battery system specific to your home

Evergen can give you some clear, honest, and detailed feedback on whether batteries make sense for you or not.

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12/14 How you calculate the return on investment for solar and batteries

Evergen worked with CSIRO conducting analysis on cost savings that different Australian households can enjoy from batteries.

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13/14 Why your type of solar battery configuration is important

There’s the traditional approach to designing battery systems for grid connection, and they’re fine. But we’ve got something better.

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14/14 This is what the future of energy looks like

We are about to go through profound, amazing, unprecedented change in our energy world and we’re in the middle of it.

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Sky News Business - Introduction to Evergen

Evergen CEO Emlyn Keane talks to Sky News Business about Evergen and the Intelligent Energy System.

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Find out what Evergen can do for you

With a few details about your home, we can simulate how much an Evergen system can save you.

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Evergen's integrated energy system is operated using next generation energy intelligence developed by CSIRO.

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Evergen was founded with a vision of lowering the cost of energy to all Australians, using clean, renewable power and intelligent technology from CSIRO.

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