How solar batteries work with different tariffs

Time of use tariffs

Many houses in Australia today have an electricity tariff where the amount you pay for electricity changes depending on the time of day. And certainly the electricity industry would like to encourage more and more people to have these time-varying tariffs as the years go on. So if you have such a time-varying tariff, a battery can really help you gain even more from your solar system, not only by saving that energy from the middle of the day, but it can be saving it in the middle of the day for use later in the afternoon when electricity is really expensive. In these typical tariffs between 6-8pm, electricity can cost four or five times what it costs in the middle of the day or of an evening. And a battery allows you to either charge up from the sun or the grid when electricity is cheap, and have that available to use later in the day when electricity is really expensive.

The best tariff for batteries

To get the most savings out of solar and battery systems, they are typically realised for people on a time of use tariff because there is such a massive difference in pricing. Evern if you use up all of the electricity off your battery, as long as that provides that peak time, and you have to buy from the grid – you might be buying from the grid at 12c rather than 50c at peak time.

Independent advice

Some people however are uncomfortable moving to time-of-use tariffs and that’s a bit of a change. And so for those customers, the Evergen system can absolutely still work and can still save them energy. And what we’ve found is that if people are a little bit worried, they can stay on a flat rate tariff, install and Evergen system and then we monitor their consumption and their behaviour and their electricity bill, and we can give them some independent advice to say – well yes you should move to a time of use tariff because you’re going to save even more, or no you shouldn’t. But they can see that after they’ve had the system operating for a few months.

How much will you save?

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