Why your type of solar battery configuration is important

The status quo

Quite a lot of the battery systems on the market today are designed where you add a battery – the battery is in its own box, the inverter is in its own box, often there’s one or two other small boxes that link those together and then a bunch of cabling. Those systems work fine and they’re very much the traditional approach to designing battery systems for grid connection.

The all-in-one

Some other vendors including Evergen have taken a different approach where we use an all-in-one battery system, where one box has everything in it. And the reason we took that approach is, well, there’s a few reasons for it. It looks a lot better – you don’t have a mess of cabling and conduit on the wall. It means that we can be very confident that the components are going to work together. And it reduces the errors and mess around installation. We don’t need an installer screwing cables to the side of the wall. If you remove the system, there aren’t holes in your wall and things like that. From my perspective an all-in-one battery system is vastly superior to one with lots of different parts.

How much will you save?

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Our system

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