What’s the next innovation from Evergen?

Energy Assistance

If the hardware technology – that is the solar panels, battery and inverter technology – isn’t changing dramatically, then what is changing? From my perspective it’s probably going to be around new services. Evergen has a pipeline of new services that we’re looking forward to offering our customers in the near term. A couple of examples of that would be Energy Assistance, where through our app and user interface we can provide recommendations on what you can do in your house to save money. Importantly, those tips won’t be things like – drink warm beer and have a cold shower to save money – they’ll be tips on simple things you can do based on data that we’ve seen in your house that mean you can save a lot of money but continue the lifestyle that you’re used to.

Load management

A follow on from that is incorporating the control of major electricity loads in your house. And many Australian houses have loads like a pool pump or an electric hot water system where it doesn’t really matter when you use the electricity so long as the pool pump runs and the hot water turns on at some point. And so what we found with Evergen is that if you can coordinate those significant electricity loads with the solar and batteries, you can save even more energy in the house and people notice no difference at all – their shower’s still hot, their pool’s still clean, and they’ve been able to soak up that excess electricity from the solar panels once the batteries are charged.

How much will you save?

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