Why management of solar batteries is so important

A cloudy day

A classic case would be if it is forecast to rain tomorrow morning, yet your house uses a lot of electricity at eight o’clock in the morning, then you may not have energy available in your batteries. The sun hasn’t come up yet, it’s overcast, and so you when you get up in the morning your battery is empty. That would mean the battery can’t really help reduce your costs on that day and you end up paying a higher electricity bill. The solution to that is to have an intelligently managed battery which can forecast that, oh tomorrow morning its forecast to rain, and in your particular house everyone turns the jug on at eight o’clock in the morning. And with those two forecasts you can say, well if it’s going to be overcast when everyone turns jug on, I might fill the battery up tonight with the off-peak, cheap grid electricity. But that sort of prediction and planning means you can get the most out of the battery and we found that can save around twenty percent extra savings compared to non-actively-managed battery systems.

Return on investment

A hot day

Another example of this would be what happens when it’s particularly hot outside. As I mentioned, a lot of battery system vendors simply shut the battery off when it’s hot – that’s not ideal. The alternative is that you continue to use the battery as normal if it’s hot – that’s not ideal either because that can really affect the system’s lifetime, as in total number of years that it will last. So the alternative is to try to forecast, well if it’s going to be really hot at two p.m., I might charge the battery up now, earlier in the day, so it’s full at two o’clock. Those sorts of predictions and future planning of how you’re going to run the battery is really key to getting the most out of what is a significant asset for your house.

How much will you save?

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