Evergen can help you optimise your home battery investment by joining a Virtual Power Plant.

At Evergen, one of our goals is to achieve net zero electricity costs for homeowners who invest in solar and battery technology.

A home whose battery is connected to Evergen Intelligent Control has the option to join an eligible Virtual Power Plant (VPP). If you choose to register for a VPP, your battery supports other homes with clean energy during times of high demand, and you’re incentivised for participation.

Explaining Customer Paybacks

What is a Virtual Power Plant (VPP)?

A VPP is a network of homes with battery storage connected through smart technology.
How does a VPP work?

As electricity supply & demand changes on the national grid, this network of connected homes join together to support the grid, either by releasing energy onto it, or storing energy from it. In return, participating homes are paid an incentive each time their battery storage is called on in this way. The ultimate goal of a VPP is to reduce reliance on fossil fuels by enabling more reliable use of renewables and with this, delivering cheaper electricity for all Australians.
Can I opt into any VPP when I have Intelligent Control?

When your battery is connected to Intelligent Control, you have the freedom to opt in or out of any eligible VPP that Evergen is operating (normally on behalf of a network operator or energy retailer). However, a VPP must be available in your area and you can only be in one VPP at a time.

Frequently asked questions

How much extra money can I make from being part of a VPP?

How much customers earn will depend upon the number of VPP events that occur (energy released from their battery to the grid) and the structure of the customer incentive. Each VPP trial is run by different operators, for example Energy Australia or Ausgrid, and might have different payment terms and rates.

Do I need to change energy retailers to be part of a VPP?

It depends on who is running the VPP, but some utility companies do not require you to change energy retailers to participate in their VPP program. You will be made aware if changing energy retailers is required to participate.

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